Product Experience Director
Apr 2018 – Aug 2019

Created the Innovation Design Group and a new Operating system and apps for marine recreation.

Navico is the world’s leading marine electronics manufacturer. I joined the new CTO’s team to build a design function and take the business into a user relationship-centred approach. After 18 months my design group comprises five strong teams. We have delivered a design system, a distributed operating system and kickstarted a strong appreciation of user-centric design within a traditional engineering and feature-based organisation.

• Built the design group from the ground up and hired a senior team of nine in the first year.

• Set out the key product philosophies: moving toward automotive and away from aeronautical, ensuring everything is meaningfully interactive and informs the user, creating a strong appreciation for contextual UI and automation over user journeys that demand attention.

• Designed the first generation of a distributed operating system to support rich and complex functions to be used by professionals and recreational users with ease: live marine cartography, navigation, autopilot, radar, sonar, fish finders, digital switching, engine control systems, etc..

• Created a rich OS design system allowing teams to work across the whole organisation to deliver a seamless experience for all users on any platform.

• Drove UX innovation and created a platform that supports both innovative solutions and solid conservative approaches in a mature sector.

• Directly responsible for leading 9 (5 lead, 2 senior and 2 middle-weight) designers working with developers with an outcome focus, both business and user.

• Leading a strong engagement with Prototyping and Design ops, tools and developer experience to improve process and outcomes.

• Member of the Profit-Unit’s executive team reporting to the global CTO.


Design System

Design systems come in all sizes and depths of detail. Argon is an example of strong system with some challenging requirements. With teams working around the world across different platforms a robust design system is essential. Argon provides a common look and feel, guidance, reusable code and components across four differentiated global brands and supports…

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